River running through Belize's forest - Ya'axche

Maya Traditional Uses of Forests


Forests provide communities with clean water, medicine, food, non-timber forest products, recreational opportunities and other ecological services.

Ya'axche Community Forum

Ya’axché’s First Community Forum


Farmers, community members, and Ya’axché staff gathered at the first Ya’axché Community Forum to share what we have accomplished together over the years.

Campers connecting with nature

Youths Engaged In Forest Governance


Ya’axché Summer Camp engaged 100 youths from nine communities in fun active learning activities focused on forest governance in the Maya Golden Landscape.

Agnis living among jaguars


Livestock farmer Agnis Ujan has implemented unique mitigation measures that protect jaguars and keep cows. This is the story of Agnis.

Rare Harpy Eagle sighting in the wild


Our team had the rare opportunity of sighting a Harpy Eagle inside a protected area that was recently added to our management. A rare Harpy Eagle sighting.

Monitoring Biodiversity in Cacao Farms


Does the sustainable agricultural methods that Ya’axché promotes also provide more habitat for biodiversity? We started the quest in cacao farms in the MGL.