Ya’axché continues providing organic biofertilizer production training to men, women and youth in the Maya Golden Landscape.

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Biofertilizers are organic, natural alternatives to chemical fertilizers used to increase the soil fertility to promote higher yields. The organic biofertilizer is an alternative to chemical fertilizers, still, widely used in the agriculture sector in Belize, despite the effects to soil biodiversity, human health, and the environment. Ya’axché works with small scale farmers in the Maya Golden Landscape (MGL) adopt climate-smart farming practices that helps protect the environment.

Farmers, women’s group members and Peace Corps representatives joined our Community Outreach and Livelihoods (COL) team at Ya’axché’s Field Station for an interactive biofertilizer training session. They learned about the components of biofertilizers, which are organic materials found on the farm and other ingredients in farm supply stores, and when combined, how they improve soil health and plant nutrition.

Biofertilizer training - Ya'axche
Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator Eugenio Ah explaining the transformation the mixture of organic matter will take. | Photo: Sayuri Tzul

In addition, the organic biofertilizers help plants by increasing their ability to take up minerals and water, enhance root development, and increase crop yield. The liquid organic fertilizer is applied directly around the roots of the plants. Farmers, who were part of previous training sessions, are producing and applying the organic biofertilizers on their crops.

The health of my plants after applying the compost biofertilizer just after 4 days is remarkable. It is in a form that the plants can use almost instantly. Plants that were stunted, become flush. I have used it on my soursop, custard apple, chili peppers and onions!” remarked Augustin Chub of Big Falls.

MGL farmer Augustin Chub - Maximiliano Caal
Augustin Chub showing his chili pepper plants before transplanting them, one already is producing fruit. | Photo: Maximiliano Caal

The COL team along with the farmers of the Maya Golden Landscape have been monitoring the results of the organic biofertilizers, which was introduced in late 2018. Follow-up training sessions will follow, including the demonstration of the application of the organic biofertilizers around the roots of crops.

Ya’axché is happy to see the positive feedback from farmers and their eagerness to learn about sustainable agricultural practices that helps in producing high quality, organic, wholesome food.

Biofertilizer training in an Inga Alley Cropping plot - Maximiliano Caal
Farmers of the Maya Golden Landscape gather and prepare the materials needed for the organic biofertilizer on an Inga alley cropping plot. | Photo: Maximiliano Caal

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