Building stewardship through environmental education


Ya’axché’s education and outreach program works to foster environmental stewardship in adults, children and youths and ensure they have access to information on environmental matters. This creates a higher appreciation and understanding of environmental benefits and thus, stimulates cooperation and participation in conservation of the Maya Golden Landscape. 



Ya’axché’s Education Strategy guides the awareness, outreach and building capacity activities, establishing an effective and systematic approach. Our team implements its education focused activities which is inclusive of school visits, field trips to protected areas, community meetings and forums, radio and television shows as well as the organization’s annual events such as Summer Camp, BioBlitz and Ya’axché Farmers’ Expo. These educational activities hope to foster behaviour changes to become stewards of the MGL’s natural resources.


Our Education and Outreach activities have been engaging the MGL communities since 1998. We are spreading awareness in climate-smart farming practices, biodiversity monitoring, protected areas management, sustainable conservation financing, ecotourism and integrated fire management. Through our online platforms we engaged our local, national and international stakeholders. Ya’axché aims to expand its reach annually in order to increase conservation community awareness and stewardship.


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