To empower communities in sustainable development and livelihood enhancement


Building the capacity of local indigenous communities is at the heart of Ya’axché’s work. Once equipped with the necessary tools and skills, they are better able to serve as models for others to emulate, lead others and make wise decisions in the use of their natural resources.



We continuously build capacity through engaging training sessions and workshops with local community members. These training sessions and workshops help communities develop skills in leadership, fire management, environmental stewardship, entrepreneurship and business management and sustainable agriculture.


Annually, we facilitate several capacity building sessions under different topics to develop farmers, organized groups and youths in sustainable development and conservation. Farmers across the MGL have well established farms that are now model farms for others to learn about climate-smart farming techniques. Trio Farmers Cacao Growers Limited, with the help of Ya’axché has established Belize’s first agroforestry concession at Maya Mountain North Forest Reserve.

The MGL farmers are also generating sustainable income by marketing their farm products. Ya’axché has recently engaged agroforestry farmers into our citizenship science initiative, where the farmers with the help of our research and monitoring team help collect biodiversity data at their farms.



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