Protect forest habitat and livelihoods

The traditional slash-and-burn farming system is commonly used in Toledo. When the system is not properly managed, fires can escape. We are working to educate farmers about fire management in order to prevent escape of fires, which threaten the forest, other farms, and homes. As a result of training community members and increasing awareness on fire management, we aim to decrease the number of escaped fires.

Fire Expert Eugenio Ah shares his knowledge about fire management with farmer. | Photo: Maximiliano Caal

Our outreach to communities includes:

  • Education campaigns on fire management and alternative farming practices
  • Information-sharing activities such as the annual Ya’axché Farmers’ Expo and radio shows
  • Theoretical training sessions to build community capacity in fire management
  • Practical sessions in the field to learn and implement fire management methods and equipment use
  • Loaning of equipment for use in controlled burns

“Fires have been a leading cause of deforestation and forest degradation within the Maya Golden Landscape. We have been actively training farmers and raising awareness on the proper use of fires.” – Eugenio Ah

In order to reduce forest loss due to escaped fires, farmers must be trained on how to manage fires. | Photo: Maximiliano Caal