Make a difference in the Maya Golden Landscape

When you become a Friend of Ya’axché, your contribution will support the conservation and management of a 700,000-acre mosaic landscape of protected areas and private and community lands. You will:

  •  Help manage 3 important places of natural wonder:
  • Golden Stream Corridor Preserve, a critical biological corridor connecting Belize’ s Maya Mountains and the costal lowland forest
  • Bladen Nature Reserve, the “crown jewel” of Belize’s protected areas, considered one of the most biodiversity-rich and topographically unique areas within Mesoamerica
  • Maya Mountain North Forest Reserve, a Key Biodiversity Area and vital water catchment area that is highly threatened by illegal activities.
  • Assist in protecting over 902 species:
  • 300 plants, 110 mammals, 400 birds, and 92 reptiles and amphibians
  • 18 endemic species
  • 37 globally threatened species such as the Yucatan Black Howler Monkey, Geoffroy’s Spider Monkey, Baird’s tapir, Morelet’s tree frog.
  • Support over 80 farming families in moving to sustainable farming practices:
  • Training in cacao-based agroforestry, inga alley cropping, and beekeeping
  • Providing seedlings and tools to kick-start the farmers’ adoption of these practices
  • Providing extension visits for personalized assistance.
  • Add your voice to speak out against environmental injustices:
  • Lobbying for improved environmental legislation and polices.
  • Provide environmental education to over 500 community members:
  • Implementing community forums to increase knowledge on environmental issues and policies
  • Implementing visits to schools to share information on climate change, biodiversity, and sustainable agriculture.


Thanks for making our vision possible!



Thanks for investing in conservation of the MGL!

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