Healthy forests and rivers are the foundation of a healthy society


Nineteen communities within the Maya Golden Landscape directly depend on ecosystem services provided by healthy forests and rivers. These services, which are threatened by climate change, illegal logging, hunting, agriculture and development, will be lost without effectively managed wild places. Through our work, clean air, water, medicine and food provided by nature are maintained.


Ya’axché has been advancing protected areas management in the Maya Golden Landscape since 1998, and in 2015, we began a new strategic approach to managing wild places. We employ innovative ways of raising awareness on the laws that support the integrity of ecosystem services, fostering voluntary compliance of laws, collaborating with national and international compliance agencies and utilizing cutting edge technology and science. We have a highly skilled team that patrols the Golden Stream Corridor Preserve, Bladen Nature Reserve and Maya Mountain North Forest Reserve. Additionally, our team collects information on illegal activities, biodiversity, water quality and wildfire within the MGL which support the development of policy and legislation recommendations.

Golden Stream Corridor Preserve (GSCP)

Critical remaining link in the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor

Bladen Nature Reserve (BNR)

100,000 acre “Crown Jewel “of Belize’s National Protected Areas System.

Maya Mountain North Forest Reserve (MMNFR)

36,000 acre site of Belize’s first community agroforestry concession.


Ya’axché is committed to utilizing cutting edge science to make decisions for achieving well managed wild places, protected areas, within the Maya Golden Landscape. As we improve our monitoring and research efforts in order to guide strategies in achieving compliance, we also are constantly looking at how land is being used by communities.


The effective management of our areas of natural wonder, protected areas, support the function of the Southern Biological Corridor and buffering communities. Ultimately this provides ecosystem services for surrounding communities and a safe passage for threatened wildlife. We are developing and implementing practical management plans, which genuinely include surrounding communities. An example of innovative protected area management is the creation of a community agroforestry concession where farmers are growing cacao under the forests of the Maya Mountain North Forest Reserve. It has allowed for restoration of damaged forests and decreased forest loss.

151,000 acres of forest protected

37 globally threatened species protected

Over 3,000 miles per year patrolled

Over 65% of Belize's bird species protected in the MGL

8 years of baseline data to help analyze trend in forest health

Bladen Nature Reserve has the highest plant diversity in Central America

Belize's most comprehensive long term biodiversity monitoring

Belize's first dedicated ranger training academy developed

35 years of land-use data for the Maya Golden Landscape

18 endemic species protected