Inga alley cropping

In finding ways to support farmers in sustainable agriculture, Ya’axché reached out to the Inga Foundation based in Honduras. After several meetings, exchange visits to inga plots and experimental plots in Belize, Ya’axché was able to provide farmers with a sustainable alternative to the use of chemical fertilizers and slash and burn.

The Inga Alley Cropping plots use Inga edulis, a leguminous plant that releases nitrogen into the soil when pruned. Inga is a low maintenance plant, fast growing and when pruned, the branches serve as firewood, allowing farmers to plant Inga edulis in small plots and thus reducing land clearing by slash and burn. This practice is also helping in the restoration and maintenance of soil fertility, weed control, and maintains soil conditions ideal.

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Today, farmers have established Inga alley cropping plots and among other crops and fruit trees in their farms and are harvesting corn, beans and vegetables and other crops. With the use of inga alley cropping farmers are now easily producing organic and nutritious food and products while protecting the soil.

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