Inspiring future conservation leaders through environmental education


Ya’axché’s education and outreach program seeks to fill the recognized knowledge gap by ensuring that adults, children and youths have access to information on environmental processes, threats and community participation. This creates a higher understanding of environmental benefits and thus, stimulates cooperation and participation in conservation action. Conservation of the Maya Golden Landscape depends on the communities living within and around it.


Ya’axché’s Education Strategy guides its education and outreach activities, ensuring they are effective and systematic. Our team utilizes this document to plan and implement its education focused activities which is inclusive of school visits, summer camps, field trips to protected areas, community meetings, community forums, conservation focused movie nights, radio and television shows as well as the organization’s awards and competitions.


Since the establishment of our Education and Outreach Program in 1998, 9 communities across the Maya Golden Landscape have benefitted from the program. Every year, we engage over 250 primary school students in discussions on environmental topics. Around 50 of them receive the chance to visit the protected areas we manage. We reach over 10,000 adults within and outside the Maya Golden Landscape via television and radio shows, events, community forums and meetings. Ya’axché aims to expand our reach annually in order to increase participation in conservation.

Children from the Maya Golden Landscape join us at our annual BioBlitz event, held at our field station, to learn about biodiversity research and monitoring. | Photo: Maximiliano Caal


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