Ya’axché provided organic biofertilizer training

Ya’axché continues providing organic biofertilizer production training to men, women and youth in the Maya Golden Landscape.

120 Students Engaged in Biodiversity Research

Yearly, Ya’axché engages over a hundred students of the Maya Golden Landscape in biodiversity research in its BioBlitz event.

Astounding wildlife footage from Maya Mountain North Forest Reserve

We are monitoring whether wildlife are present in Belize’s first agroforestry concession, which is part of our long-term biodiversity monitoring.

Agnis living among jaguars

Livestock farmer Agnis Ujan has implemented unique mitigation measures that protect jaguars and keep cows. This is the story of Agnis.

EcoTourism Belize’s October Big Day

Team EcoTourism Belize joins the global birding movement; and, recorded 94 bird species in a one-day event! Belize is a birding paradise!

Kan’s renewed perspective on jaguars

Livestock farmer Abraham Kan has a renewed perspective on jaguars. Humans and jaguars can coexist.

Community Forestry Exchange Visit, Guatemala

12 community members from southern Belize visited the Uaxactún community concession in Guatemala where forest management has been successful.

Our Sustainable Financing Initiative

Ya’axché Institute for Conservation Education, sustainable financing initiative of Ya’axché, includes EcoTourism Belize & Nursery.

Rare Harpy Eagle sighting in the wild

Our team had the rare opportunity of sighting a Harpy Eagle inside a protected area that was recently added to our management. A rare Harpy Eagle sighting.

Conservation Leader Bartolo Teul retires

One of the founders of Ya’axché, Bartolo Teul retires after 18 years of community development and conservation in southern Belize. A conservation leader.

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