Our Sustainable Financing Initiative

Ya’axché Institute for Conservation Education, sustainable financing initiative of Ya’axché, includes EcoTourism Belize & Nursery.

Rare Harpy Eagle sighting in the wild

Our team had the rare opportunity of sighting a Harpy Eagle inside a protected area that was recently added to our management. A rare Harpy Eagle sighting.

Conservation Leader Bartolo Teul retires

One of the founders of Ya’axché, Bartolo Teul retires after 18 years of community development and conservation in southern Belize. A conservation leader.

Fire management advancement over dry season

Escaped fires threaten forests the homes of wildlife, the crops of farmers and have an impact on livelihoods. Our fire management program is advancing.

Monitoring Biodiversity in Cacao Farms

Does the sustainable agricultural methods that Ya'axché promotes also provide more habitat for biodiversity? We started the quest in cacao farms in the MGL.

Finding harmony between livestock farmers and jaguars

In 2015, twenty-two jaguar attacks on livestock were recorded. Ya’axché’s important work with farmers is critical for the conservation of jaguars in Belize.

Marchilio Ack receives James A. Waight Award

Marchilio “Moon” Ack was recognized at a ceremony where he received the prestigious James A. Waight Award for his incredible work in conservation in Belize.