As Agroforestry Extension Officer


We are securing the services of a Belizean Agroforestry Extension Officer – join our team. The Agroforestry Extension Officer works as part of the Community Outreach & Livelihoods (COL) team. The COL Program seeks to address the socio-economic situation of the communities within and adjacent to the Maya Golden Landscape (MGL) by promoting cacao-based agroforestry and other better agricultural practices as part of an integrated farming system.

The major accountabilities include providing agroforestry extension services, strengthening community relationship, expanding the climate smart farming practices such as beekeeping and managing projects and finances related to the position.

Specific tasks will include
  • Promoting climate-smart farming practices, such as agroforestry, beekeeping and inga alley cropping, in the Maya Golden Landscape to help achieve Ya’axché’s mission, vision, and goals
  • Providing extension services in agroforestry and beekeeping to the farmers of the MGL
  • Delivering regular and adequate training for beekeepers and agroforestry farmers using the farmer field school methodology
  • Supporting the establishment of demonstration agroforestry plots in the MGL
  • Gathering information on beekeeping practices and perceptions for farmer profiles in the MGL
  • Providing materials and equipment to the beekeepers in the MGL and overseeing equipment usage
  • Building and maintaining close, professional relationship with farmers and members of communities in the MGL
  • Assisting in the recruitment of interested farmers in the MGL to become a part of Ya’axché’s COL program
  • Contributing to the development of program annual operational and project plans and budgets
  • Participating in national and international events such as agroecology forums, exchange visits and trainings
  • Producing required project outputs (e.g. field reports, publications, etc) in a timely fashion
  • Attending and participating in community-focused beekeeping, project, team and all staff meetings
  • Supporting the implementation of project activities
  • Leading ad hoc committees or sub-committees formed by the community-based organizations that Ya’axché’s work with
  • Providing training on occasion to other NGOs, staff and community representatives
  • Provide technical input to Ya’axché projects in the country, region or elsewhere as appropriate and agreed
Duration of placement

Full Time


Dependent on skills and experience.

Required qualifications
  • Proven leadership skills (5 years’ management experience)
  • Degree in Natural Resource Management is an asset
  • Excellent communication skills, verbally and in writing
  • Proficient in local languages an asset
  • Ability to demonstrate disciplined implementation to execute plans
  • Demonstrated experience and ability to lead
  • Excellent organizational ability to get work done through formal and informal channels and use resources efficiently and effectively
  • Experience in working with Maya communities and conservation including the barriers they face to participate in Ya’axché’s vision of creating harmony between nature and human development
  • Experience in managing donor relationships is an asset
  • Proactive and future-oriented to identify priorities and focus on getting most important work completed successfully
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to build collaborative relationships and network effectively
  • Strong communication skills to clearly communicate key messages and have candid conversations
  • Experience in Beekeeping
To apply

Your application package should include a copy of your resume or CV (no more than two pages) and a one-page letter outlining your interest in, and suitability for, the position. All documents should be in .pdf format and should be emailed to christina.garcia(at)

Deadline to submit application is Friday, 12th of April 2019. 

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