Ya'axché Conservation Trust


Ya'axche rangers patrol the Golden Stream Corridor Preserve and the Bladen Nature Reserve. They are also trained parabiologists, who collect biodiversity monitoring data and assist researchers with field work. Each ranger's expertise is specified in parentheses.
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Marchilio Ack (Protected Areas Manager)
Marchilio has been working with the Ya’axché Conservation Trust for over a decade. He started out at the grass roots level as a community based protected area ranger and has since developed an impressive set of skills, including wildlife monitoring of a wide range of taxa. Marchilio has been both Chairman and Alcalde of his village in the past 10 years and have used this position to inspire others to take a similar path and to use resources sustainably.

With over 10 years of experience in wildlife conservation in Belize, Marchilio is now adapting his skills to education and training of the younger rangers to ensure that they have the same opportunities to develop. Marchilio has always recognized the importance of a ranger being fully committed to conservation in both their professional and personal life and he works actively to ensure that all staff have this same commitment.

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Octavio Cal (Freshwater)
Octavio is from Golden Stream and has been working with Ya'axché since 2006. With experience beyond his years Octavio's ability to take on any task illustrates his value to the team.

As a trained freshwater ranger he has worked alongside Ya'axché's ecologist Rachael Carrie for the past two years sampling and identifying macro-invertebrates and measuring physical and chemical properties in the watersheds of Toledo. Octavio has also assisted with a national hicatee turtle and crocodile monitoring survey and undertaken amphibian and reptile surveys.

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Anignazio Makin (Freshwater)
Anignazio is from Indian Creek and has been working with Ya'axché since 2006. Makin is incredibly reliable and a great role model for the entire ranger team. As one of the freshwater rangers he has applied himself so impressively that he was invited to help teach the field component of the University of Belize freshwater ecology course. Makin is able to work independently using his skills to collect valuable research data in remote locations.

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Hilberto Rash (Navigation)
Hilberto is from Trio village. Hilberto has worked at Bladen Nature Reserve in 2007 to 2008, served at the Belize Defence Force from 2009 to 2012 and at Friends for Conservation Development as park ranger from 2012 to 2014. His wealth of experience brings to the ranger team navigation and weapon handling expertise.

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Rosendo Coy (Licensed tour guide)
Rosendo is from Indian Creek and has been working with Ya'axché since 2009. He is excellent birder and has all round knowledge of the forest fauna and flora, so it is no wonder that Coy is a licensed tour guide.

Taking advantage of these skills we have given Coy the responsibility of leading our growing Ranger for a Day initiative. Coy has single handedly developed this program into what could soon become a significant source of sustainable income for Ya'axché. As a licensed boat captain Coy is at home on water as he is in the bush.

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Vigilio "Dilo" Cal (Navigation)
Vigilio is from Golden Stream and has been working with Ya'axché since 2001. As one of Ya'axché's most experienced rangers, he knows the Bladen Nature Reserve as no one else. As an ex-hunter he has unrivaled knowledge of the trail system, areas of highest hunting activity and sources of water. Vigilio also has a particular interest in plant species and is the authority on Qe'qchi names of trees.

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Marcos Cholom (Snails)
Marcus is from Golden Stream and has been working with Ya'axché since 2009. As an ex-hunter Cholom has a sharp instinct for following trails and tracks and is completely at home in the most rugged terrains of Bladen Nature Reserve. Marcus has put his skills to use in Ya'axché's research program with a focus on carbon stock assessment, botanical rapid ecological assessments, and most recently, snails.

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Andres Chen
Andres is from Trio village and joined Ya'axché in early 2014. Andres has a natural skill for identifying animal tracks. He has worked at Farm 6, a banana company in southern Belize.

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Henry Cus
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Juan Cal
Juan is from the village of Bladen, a community within the Maya Golden Landscape. He has worked at worked at Go Banana and Farm 11, banana companies in southern Belize. He has also worked at a shrimp farm. Juan is passionate about sharing the importance of protected areas to communities, specifically wildlife spill-off into community lands from the protected area haven.